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Aira Latvia www I like his character in Poltergeist the Legacy
Alexandra France www I Love DdL's personnlity and his relation with Alex in Poltergeist.
Alice Barron Canada www Have been a fan from way back when I first saw Stealing Heaven
alice barron Canada www Just discovered the Legacy and want to know what other work Derek de Lint is involved in.
Alisa Falcon Ukraine www Thank you for Derek Raine, Pierre Abelard, Lotsara de la Rey and Gerben Kuipers! They are gorgeous, as you are!
ana maria filgueiras Brazil www Além de seu indiscutível talento, admiro seu caráter e profissionalismo: trata-se de um dos melhores atores da atualidade.
Angela Reed United States www Handsome, talented, sexy, great accent. Poltergeist the Legacy
Antoinette Netherlands www Wonderful actor, good looking, great sense of humour, wonderful voice *and* he's Dutch - Need I say more. ;)
April Norton United States www He's a wonderful actor and VERY handsome~
AuroraSkye United States www That face, those eyes, and that voice... do I really need another reason? Love Derek!
Barbara Pridgen United States www Derek de Lint is a fine actor capable of playing a large range of rolls and he is gorgeous, too!
barbara webb United States www my favorite tv show is Poltergeist the Legacy
Caroline Fenton Rankin United Kingdom www Poltergeist The Legacy
carrie United States www i think he is an awesome actor and my fav - stealing heaven
cecilia United States www His character development is masterful
cindy United States www my favorite show of course is Poltergeist
Clair United States www The voice/acting skills and handsome looks of this dashing Dutchman are what has made me such a Derekwench! And he does "Angst" so well. :-) Favs: P:TL, SH (Abelard!), Soldier of Orange, ULoB, The Assault, and Soul Assassin.
claude Canada www jai appri a aimmer derek de lint avec son role derek rayne ses dailleur le seul chosse qui se passe en francais aux canada le consernent
CM de Necker South Africa www  
cristy United States www I loved Stealing Heaven and I can't believe I didn't recognize him from The Unbearable Lightness of Being...he needs to make more movies that show him to be the incredibly sexy guy that his!
Dee-Ann Hammond United Kingdom www Handsomest man in the world as we all know - 1st saw in PTL.
Denise Chambers United States www He is just the best!
Desiree Germany www He's a great actor. I loved him in Poltergeist - The Legacy
dinah teed United States www im fan and i really love the show.the way everyone works together as a team,and fighting evil sprits and protecting the innocents its my kind of show and loving everyone in the legacy.
dionne United Kingdom www i am a fan of poltergeist the legacy
Ellen Attaway United States www I like Mr. de Lint because he's a very talented man and seems very caring and a wonderful actor.
Ellen Bayliss New Zealand www I saw him in Stealing Heaven and Poltergeist series and Zwarte Boek. From one Hollander to another : Wat mooi hij maakt my hart boom boom.....lol
Ellen United States www Very Handsome. Has sense of humor. The best actor around!!!
Eloise Wilson United States www love love mature sexy men like derek de lint and any movies he is in. I like what I see and hear!
Eloise United States www how about anything with him in it, yes, this is really my name!
Fawn United States www Derek is a wonderful actor! My fav movie is Stealing Heaven.
Frances Miller United States www Derek de Lint is a very talented man as well as being handsome and dashing (two additinal pluses). Much of his work I have been unable to see. To me, he is Derek Rayne from Poltergeist: the Legacy.
Gene Canada www I find him to be so at ease with the character he portrays .. completely relaxed and realistic .. it is refreshing
Gina Norton United States www Discovered Mr. de Lint on Poltergeist: The Legacy. He is incredible! I could listen to him read a phone book!
Gladys Troche Portugal www I think he is such and interesting actor and I love to watch Poltergeist the Legacy.
Gladys Troche United States www I like his acting and profesional performe in his movies and serie
Heather Duana Weber United States www He's my favorite actor & I loved his Poltergiest the Lagacy Forever!!!!
Heather Duana Weber United States www He's Cute & Handsome too & I like him so much & want to be a fan of his.
Heather United States www I loved him as Derek on The Legacy
Heidi Germany www I like Derek de Lint, because he is a very great actor and my absolute favorite tv-series is Poltergeist.
Helen Cryan United States www I loved him in Poltergist: The Legacy. Out of the whole cast, he was and still is my favorite person
ISIS Brazil www  
Josephine Naylor United States www I really loved PTL and wish it never ended.DDL is really attractive and his eyes are mesmerizing.
Jucianny Sales Brazil www I'm a new DDL fan! He's the most cativating person I know! The best film for me is Stealing Heaven!
julia United States www great talent and great personality
Julie Milam United States www he is Handsome and make me laugh and gets straight to the point Poltergeist The Legacy
Kandes T Krepski Canada www I have the legacy ring
Kathryn Ann Bleeker United States www He is a very good actor and I enjoy watching him. He has soft eyes.
Kathryn Ann Bleeker United States www I have been a fan since 1997. I have all 4 season of Ptl on DVD. I also have 15 of his movies. My favorites is Stealing Heaven. Love Kathryn
Katja Germany www Derek de Lint ist einfach ein wunderbarer und interessanter Schauspieler.
katrin Greece www Stealing Heaven is one of the best movies I have ever seen
Kim Netherlands www Lang Leve de Koningin
L. Kothe United States www  
Lee Scott United States www My fav show with the sexy, handsome and charismatic Derek is Poltergeist: The Legacy, where I first laid eyes on him.
Lee United States www Stealing Heaven
Leilisa Gerhing United States www I love the wayn he portrays his characters and he has many talents. I am enjoyng his works and intend to look into more of his movies. Any plays?
Lorraine Lesley Roberts United Kingdom www Derek de Lint fan and favourite programme Poltergist the legacy
Lory C. Brazil www Poltergeist, o legado
Louise Canada www I've been a fan of Derek's ever since his guest work on "China Beach" nearly 20 years ago. Then came PTL and movies up to his recent work on the Dutch tv series "Deadline". He's wonderfully talented and dashing!
Lucka D. Colton Czech Republic www very charistatic, very sexy, very mesmerizing ... Derek Rayne, Poltergeist = the best
Lydia Marc United States www I love him
Lydia Marcantonio United States www  
Margaret Fearn United Kingdom www he is so hansome, i have fallen in love with him
Margot United States www I've watched P:TL since it was on Showtime and have been enthralled enough with DdL's performance to search out other films he's done.
Marguerite Descheneaux Canada www Derek is a very gifted actor! My fav TV show is Poltergeist: The Legacy
marie dean United Kingdom www i think derek is so hansome and a very good actor
marie dean United Kingdom www derek is so hansom and a very good actor
Mary Pionk United States www I love Derek de Lint since his Poltergeist days. My favorite show/movie with Derek de Lint is P:TL aka Poltergeist: The Legacy.
Meegs United Kingdom www The Poltergiest series
Mirabella Germany www i love the burning shore :)
Missy Schroeder United States www Two words mark the epicenter of my DdL admiration: "STEALING HEAVEN". After that, "Poltergeist: The Legacy" was a must-see!
Murry Green United States www Poltergeist the Legacy
muslim Algeria www  
Nadeia Sanchez France, Metropolitan www Fav tv show : poltergeist, movie : The Assault
Nadea SANCHEZ France www  
nathalie robitaille Canada www I'm a loyal fan of ptl and of course it's my favorite tv show.I love Derek De Lint,he is the best.
nathmary Canada www I'm a big fan of ddl..i search for stuff about i've never seen yet.Wanna be a part of every list of fan of ddl..and i also opened a group on facebook for ddl.Thanks
patricia United States www l love him since he came out on poltergeist the legacy. he is a fine man
Patrycja Dannemann Poland www He's not only most handsome, but most tallented actor I've ever seen!:) He's great playing Abelard !!!!!!!!
Patty Hhnel Germany www He is just a great actor, one have to love him *g*
Peggy Davis United States www Derek is a wonderful actor -- and so handsome! I'm a die-hard Legacy fan!
peggy hindy United States www poltergeist the legacy
peggy hindy United States www i love and miss derek and the others. the legacy is my fav show of all time
riana visser South Africa www Greatest looking man around!
Rita Foster United States www In all the movies of derek delint he has been amazing actor. It doesnt hurt that he is handsome and has a great voice. Very talented man
Rita United States www Derek is very talented actor. I enjoy watching anything he is in
Rosa Helena Moraes Brazil www Since i saw Abelard and heloise I became just facinated by him. His voice, the deep looking, his sensibility to play. It was one of the most beautiful and powerfullove story I have ever seen
sabrina markos United States www i love his talent and the way he touches my soul. poltergeist, leg
SANCHEZ Nadea France www my fav tv show is : Poltergeist:The Legacy
Sarah Sloan United States www  
Sarah United States www Why? Because he's amazing. Favorites? Poltergeist: The Legacy, and Stealing Heaven.
Serenity Wintirs United States www I am a fan because Derek is an amazing actor and his accent is incredibly sexy. My favorite work of his is Poltergeist: The Legacy.
Sharon S. United States www Everything that I have seen him in has been amazing. He is a wonderful actor and so very easy on the eyes!
Sharon United States www I think he's a wonderful actor. I've seen him in many roles, but Derek Rayne will always hold a special place with me.
Shaza Khan Switzerland www  
Sheila United States www My fave show with Derek would be poltergiest the legacy He just truly caught my eye there :)