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adriana santos mendes Brazil www because it is the most romantic film, i have seen in my life, and i have the power of crying every time that i watched it.
ALEJANDRO Peru www  
Alexandra Sardan United States www  
Alyssa Knight United States www Derek is a sublime actor who deserves more recognition than he's gotten
Ana Aguirre United States www I loved the movie from the first time i saw it!!!! I bought a copy in VHS.
Ana Beatriz Azevedo dos Santos Brazil www Heloise is the strongest women I have ever known and this history is a beautiful evidence that love exists
Anadeli Lora Ondarza Bolivia www the film and the story are wonderful
andydiu China www classica
Angela Reed United States www Derek de Lint did a brilliant performance in this story of forbidden love.
Angelina Shaw United States www When I saw the movie I was touched by the love that was shared by the starring actors, and how it tragically came to an end because of her uncle.
Angus Murdoch United States www Love the storyline
Ann United States www It is such a classic love tale - love of person, knowledge and personal diety.
Anne Marie Chandlee United States www Derek De Lint
Anneliese H Australia www I saw the movie on tv during the 90's and absolutely loved it so much that it has stuck in my mind.
Annette Ward Australia www If only we could all love as passionately in our lives as Heloise and Abelard.
Belyn United States www I am in love with the story of Abelard and Heloise.
Bruce Willis Australia www I saw the film by accident, and fell in love with it. It is very close to the book by M.Meade
C Gonzales United States www An unforgettable touching story.
Carla D. Australia www Fell in love with the movie, the actors and the true story. Have since named my first daughter Heloise.
carla danunnzio Australia www passionate about the movie and the actual story
carmen moran Malta www love the story and admire both actors
cate United States www stealing heaven is one of the greatest romantic love stories of all time
Char Canada www I absolutely love the movie "Stealing Heaven". Such tragic love, such a powerful story. And the fact that is a TRUE story only adds to the sadness.
Christine Allen France www I love the story and dream to make a new movie because less and less people remembered them
Christine Hau United States www I think it was the most beutiful love story I have ever seen and I can watch it over and over again.
Christos Greece www  
Clair United States www One of the most beautiful, romantic films I've ever seen. Derek de Lint and Kim Thomson were perfectly cast as Abelard and Heloise!
Clairee United Kingdom www  
Claudia United States www It is a love story that touch my heart and soul. I cannot seem to read enough on their story.
coeli tagumpay Philippines www it's beutiful. erotically brilliant
Connor Oberst United States www  
Cris Romania www Beautiful and haunting.
cristy herman United States www This story has taken hold on my mind. I love derek de Lint as the lead.
dada Croatia (Hrvatska www I watched it 15 years ago and try to find more about it. Today I succeed
Danielle Powers United States www In 1989 I saw the movie and was taken with the intensity of the story. It wasn't until the end, in floods of tears, that I realized it was true.
Darci Togesen United States www Saw this years ago on HBO and fell in love with it. A great movie to cry to, and a great story.
Dea della Luna Australia www It is the one movie I watched when I was 16 that has forever stayed in my heart... <3 BRING IT TOO DVD PLEASE.. I'M BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!
Deanna Australia www I'm a fan because of the powerful love story!
Deborah Reardon United States www Beautiful, yet tragic, love story of all time.
Debra Australia www Brilliant and intelligent movie showing the misery of choice between god and religion, which becomes as one, a beautiful love story
diane muntz United States www what a love story!!! good for my Catholic soul
Dioe Miranda Brazil www So romentic... and I litle erotic too...
doris China www  
dotti United States www Since seeing the movie six years ago I've searched for my Abelard.
Drago United States www great story
Electra Portugal www  
Erica Greece www Well because I love this film.
Fawn United States www It's the greatest love story that I have ever heard and it really touched me in so many ways.
felip Spain www amor terrenal y divino
Femmdraven United States www After renting this movie in 1989, I couldn't stop thinking about it and proceeded to check out every book at the Chicago main library, to learn more.
Frances Miller United States www  
Francesca Brupbacher United States www I learned what is true love because of this movie. I WILL NEVER FORGET IT AS LONG AS I LIVE
Gabi Austria www Romantisch-düster, schöner Mann mit melancholischen Augen, Mittelalterfan
Gail Laviolette Canada www This is such a heartfelt movie about true love and all it's ups and downs. It proves that true love never dies!
Gennyfer United States www I love this film. The story haunts me.
George Frissell United States www I like the film because it has interesting scenes of the University Life of the late Middle Ages.
Helen United States www I saw this movie a long time ago & have never forgotten the love in it.
hellen Brazil www  
HoodedMan United Kingdom www Glorious medieval story, very fine production values. Kim Thomson is beautiful
iliana Mexico www i watched it as part of my philosophy lessons, i found thier conception of love as the same i feel for Thomas, it helped with philosophy lessons too.
Inger Zerucha United States www Love it from the very first time I saw it.
irin Greece www i think that the actors who played in this film gave their best performance.It gives a mpicture of romance that only few films give.
J. L. Landry United States www I'll never forget the first time I saw this film. Beautiful, passionate and very sad.
jacquie durwael Canada www truly one of the most passionate films i've ever seen - it brilliantly exemplifies the intensity and hunger of forbidden love
Jan McCarty United States www Acting, costuming, storyline, factual, historical INCREDIBLE!!!
JANE BORG Malta www  
janet United States www Whenever I begin to wonder about the meaning ol true love and devotion I think of the story of Abelard and Heloise.
Jaroslava K. Czech Republic www I know the fil in its German version - Zeit der Dunkelheit. A breathtaking story.
Jeanne M. Segura United States www excellent historical love story - done well & true
Jeff Walters United States www Stealing Heaven is True Love!
jithu India www the love scenes are great
Joel Australia www I love SH for alot of reasons; mainly; because it's about eternal love.
John Bidwell United States www This is the most incredible film of love I've ever seen.
julia United States www the obvious :)
Julieanne Rosenow Australia www have loved this movies since 1990 when i first watched it on video.
June United States www It's the best love story I have ever seen.
k.beeman United States www the most beautiful love story i've ever seen!
Karen Burgess Australia www My all time favorite because love endures; they were eventually buried together
Karen Tewao New Zealand www it has too be the most awesome movie that I have ever seen it touched me I felt in awe and very lucky to have stumble across this movie
karen vanderlaan United States www beautiful love story-i love her take on religion and how she named her son
Karen United States www  
Karla Layden United States www Wonderful story, very evocative of the time
katherine United States www i saw this for the first time a few weeks ago and fell in love with it. one of the best movies I have ever seen! i am currently reading the book. Grea
Katy Wyner United States www I am a huge fan of the novel but trying despararetley to find the film. Does anyone have it? Where can I find it?
Keith Rogers United States www just a great film, about love. I am a hopless romatic.
kelly coppus Brazil www because it is a most wonderfull film that i see in my life
Ken Ross United States www without a doubt the greatest love story ever . i saw it a couple of years ago and can't/won't ever forget it
L.V.A. United States www When I saw this movie many years ago...I "fell" for Derek de Lint & the character he portrayed. It is a beautiful & sad love story.
laura doyle United States www saw this one many years ago.its never left my beating heart
Laura Robinson United States www i love this movie it is a great love story
Laura United States www I'm an Abelard fangirl, mostly.
Leah Canada www Saw this movie almost twenty year ago. I have never forgotten the love shared by these two people. I have yet to see a more memorable film!
lex Australia www  
Lia K. Germany www It is a timeless, most intelligent and erotic story/movíe
Lia K. Germany www It is a timeless story, told with beautiful actors
LIDIJA LUKAREVA Macedonia www It shows that the true love is worth fighting for...happy are those who have met their twin soul...Abelard and Heloise were among those happy ones..
Lisa M United States www Watched it last night in a lit class. Wonderful film and made me kind of wonder if the real Abelard was like De Lint or not
Lisa O'Neill United Kingdom www I just adore it, a film that really touches you to your soul