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Set your VCRs!
posted Monday, 20 January 2003
This a VCR Alert! ABC's pilot episode "The name's Zond, Nikko Zond" of Veritas: The Quest, guest starring Derek de Lint, will be airing Monday, January 27, 2003 from 7-8 PM Central / 8-9 PM Eastern. The only mention I can find of his character says just "head grey man", whatever that means! :-) We'll find out when we watch it.

"Marry Lara Croft to Indiana Jones, and their offspring might be the young hero of this adventure series about a top-secret team of archaeologists trying to unlock secrets of ancient civilizations. But before he unlocks anything, the rebellious and highly intelligent teenager Nikko (Ryan Merriman) first needs to reconcile with his father Solomon (Alex Carter), who leads a classified, high-tech organization named Veritas. Naturally, Veritas has mysterious enemies---who, in the opener, pursue father and son in a high-speed car chase, and later in Paris, set up an elaborate ambush. Juliet: Cobie Smulders. Calvin Banks: Eric Balfour. Hossik: Zach Grenier." -

ABC's Official Site for Veritas: The Quest

P.S. Another interesting new "paranormal" series is also debuting on the same channel, same night, a couple hours later. Miracles, stars Skeet Ulrich who was in Soul Assassin with Derek de Lint.


VCR Alert! Derek's China Beach episodes
posted Wednesday, 8 January 2003
Some of Derek's China Beach episodes are airing in January on THE HISTORY CHANNEL. All times shown below are EASTERN, so check your local listing. The rest will probably be airing in February.

Dear China Beach (Sun, Jan 12 6AM-7AM)
Who's Happy Now? (Sun, Jan 19 6AM-7AM)
Independence Day (Sun, Jan 26 6AM-7AM)