I. Stating the obvious here but ...
You MUST be a fan of the film STEALING HEAVEN which stars Derek de Lint as Abelard and Kim Thomson as Heloise.

II. You MUST include your name (full or partial) and your country.

III. You MUST have a valid email address in order to join the fanlist. (Necessary in case I need to contact you about your listing or to confirm changes.) I don't believe in feeding the spammers; therefore, your email address will not be shown on the fanlisting nor is it shared with third parties.

IV. You do NOT have to have a web site to join nor is linking back a requirement if you want your URL listed (it's optional.) If you do have a web page/web site, please consider linking back to this fanlisting using one of the codes provided.

NOTE: This site is not obliged to link to other web sites, they will be added at the discretion of the webmistress. Porn/hate/racist sites will definitely NOT be listed.

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