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Jacqie King - Davis
All I can say is...I LOVE YOU,Will you marry me??? Ha, just kidding...You're already married (DARN IT!) and so am I!
You are my favorite actor, I wish you'd make more movies. I am writing a story and I have you cast as one of my characters...who knows....maybe oneday...By the way, your birthday is the day before mine! No wonder I like you so much. Good luck with your career! God Bless You!
8 September 2004 - Houston, Texas USA

Mirte van Heusden | @
Ha Derek,

Op een filmsite zag ik de link naar jouw fan-sites... ongelofelijk! Ik heb ooit met je gespeeld in "Theo Olof Presenteert", en pastte toen op het huis van Josée Ruiter en Netty Blanken in Arnhem. De opnames waren in Rhenen. Het was volgens mij in 1983; 21 jaar geleden!! Ik was toen 18. Inmiddels 40..
Ik zou het leuk vinden je weer eens te ontmoeten; kan ook op een andere manier achter je telefoonnummer komen, via 'televisieland', en misschien ga ik dat nog wel doen, (ik schrijf inmiddels scripts), maar vind het sowieso wel grappig om hier iets in te tikken. Veel groeten, Mirte.
10 August 2004 - the Netherlands

Denise Chambers | @
Happy Birthday, and many more to come!!
Keep up the wonderful work, you are a complete joy to watch.
20 July 2004 - Roxton,(it's diffently summer here) Texas

Katja | @ | url
Hallo Derek de Lint,

in letzter Zeit habe ich durch Zufall so viele Filme mit ihnen gesehen. Ich liebe "die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins". Schade, dass der Charakter des Franz nicht wie im Buch noch näher beschrieben wurde. Aber auch "Zeit der Dunkelheit" ist einfach wunderschön.

Alles Liebe,

PS: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag *lächel* Es muß seltsam sein von so vielen unbekannten Menschen Glückwünsche zu bekommen.
17 July 2004 - Germany / Koblenz

Dear Mr. de Lint,
Bonne Fête! Best Wishes for your birthday! I've been a fan of yours for years, and enjoy greatly your work. Best wishes to you and yours,
17 July 2004 - Ontario

Veerle | @
I would you like to wish Derek a happy birthday and a year with a good health and lots of happiness and lots of work.

from your belgian fan
13 July 2004 - Belgium

Karen Brown | @
Would like to wish Derek a happy birthday.
12 July 2004 - Scotland

Deanne Hammond | @
What a pleasure. I managed to see Superstition (borrowed) and throroughly enjoyed it. Although Derek was an integral part of the story, his part was small. Shame. Lovely to see him though. I am trying to get a copy any copy of Poltergeist The Legacy first video. Having difficulty though. Any ideas please. Thank you for a great site.
6 June 2004 - England

Christopher Vondenhuevel | @
very cool, very cool
18 May 2004 - NC

Kira | @ | url
just a hello :-)
16 May 2004 - NJ USA

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