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Alexandra | @
Derek De Lint is a great actor. I'm also a fan of Poltergeist. I Loved follow the evolution of his relation with Alex Moreau...This site is Great!!! Congratulations for everybody who love the actor and the serie and who continue today to see Poltergeist and Derek's site on Internet or the rediffusions on TV.
28 April 2004 - France

You are in a special group of men that are actors that i just adore and think are the most handsom i have ever seen.
These men are Yul Brenner and Sean Connery and of course YOU. Very sexy!!!!!!!!!!
Even though i am 31 but my mother and aunts all agree with me on this one.
12 April 2004 - Hamilton Ontario Canada

The Assault is one of my favorites!!! Great site you have here.
28 March 2004 - Breckenridge

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