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2003 DdL Calendar
posted Tuesday, 31 December 2002
Happy New Year, Derek de Lint Fans! The printable 2003 DdL Calendar is now available in the "For the Fans" section of this site.

DdL on ABC's Veritas?
posted Monday, 23 December 2002
Is this Derek de Lint?DdL fans have been wondering if this scene from ABC's Veritas series trailer is showing our fav Dutchman. It sure looks like him - what do you think? Is that Derek or not? (Of course it is! But let's have some fun here...) Take the poll / view poll results / discuss on the bb.

According to the Arnold Vosloo Resource Page, their scoop says the show will start airing on Monday, January 27th, 2003. (Check out that link to read more about this upcoming series and to view the trailer clip that has the scene I captured.) Thanks to fellow fans who emailed-in this DdL Alert.