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In honor of this site's 10TH ANNIVERSARY on 27-SEP-2006,
now you can make a Derek de Lint calendar every month!

Select one of the photos (by clicking on the radio button below the photo), one language, the starting day of the week, and then click on the "Create Calendar" button (calendar will open in a new browser window.)

1. Select the photo to be displayed on this month's calendar:

2002 Derek de Lint Calendar 2003 Derek de Lint Calendar 2004 Derek de Lint Calendar
2002 PHOTO 2003 PHOTO 2004 PHOTO
2005 Derek de Lint Calendar Above, left, and right are the photos used for the 2002-2006 yearly calendars. 2006 Derek de Lint Calendar
2005 PHOTO   2006 PHOTO
Soldier of Orange Derek Rayne The L Word
Soldier of Orange Poltergeist: The Legacy The L Word
Derek de Lint   Blackbook
2006 Agency Photo   Zwartboek (Blackbook)

2. Language:

3. Starting day of the week:     Sunday   Monday

CALENDAR PRINTING TIPS: Set orientation to Portrait, print borders and backgrounds, and set margins as small as possible (ex. .5 inch)

Copyrights of the photos remain with the respective owner(s) of the still photo, film or tv series. The calendar is for personal enjoyment only, please do not publish it on any other web site.

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