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FYI: The domain name was registered in August 2001. Yes, it took me THAT long to do the re-design and get everything moved over! :-)

Hi! I'm the webmistress, Clair (also known as "Clarianna", my netname)

Back in September 1996, in appreciation for Derek de Lint's career, I created the very FIRST UNOFFICIAL web pages dedicated to him. That is why I have always used the "First Unofficial" verbiage in the title. (Not to mention the first set of pics, the first discussion mailing list, discussion board, calendar, and more.) Up until September 2002, this site was hosted on my free web space with my ISP (ExecPC). After six years, I figured it was about time to move it to its own more permanent web space with a URL that 's a bit easier to remember:!

Read the chat transcripts! Derek de Lint has been online for many years and has known about and visited this fansite almost since its very beginning.

Why did I create this site? The idea for this site was born out of my own curiosity and inability to find out (from one convenient location, back in the Summer of '96) all the movies and television programs Derek de Lint had been in, and also a little bit of biographical info about him. I've received so much positive feedback and interaction with fellow fans over the years to know this has been, and will continue to be, well worth the time and effort.

Please feel free to ask me any questions or send links or information (but please, no private info that should not be public) you have regarding Derek to share with your fellow DdL fans. They REALLY do appreciate it!

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