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Thanks again to Richard for this!

NOTE: The year and location of Mr. de Lint's birth has always been known (thanks to the IMdb) but my ever-helpful Dutch cyberpal, Richard van Bilsen, found a book, scanned the entry and confirmed the birthdate/name of Derek de Lint way back when. The name of that book is 'Acteurs- en kleinkunstenaars lexicon: 3200 namen uit 100 jaar Nederlands toneel' by Pieter Hein Honig (1984) Click here to read the entire entry for Derek de Lint translated (where need be) from Dutch to English by Richard.

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Birthname: Dick Hein de Lint (see note)
Date of Birth: July 17, 1950 (see note)
Location of Birth: The Hague, The Netherlands (aka Holland)
Height 186 cm (6 feet, 1 inches)
Weight: around 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel (a lovely range from greenish to light brown which seems to change with mood and the lighting used in a scene.)
Hair Color: Dark greyish brown with plenty of fine silvering (if the makeup people leave it alone!)
Native Language: Dutch
Other Languages: English, French and German.
Right-brained: Left-handed
Education: Kunstacademie (Art Academy) in Enschede
Kleinkunstacademie (Academy of the Arts) in Amsterdam.
Marital Status: Married

Three sons ages 9, 15 & 17 (as of 2/97 when I received this info. Obviously they get older every year!)

NOTICE TO OTHER FANS: Since 1996, I have not posted any more personal information than this about the de Lint family (like their NAMES) out of respect for them. I hope you will follow suit and refrain from posting anything more on the Internet. If you are acquainted with the de Lint family in any way, please do not post anything about them on this site's discussion board, mailing list or guestbook without their permission. THANK YOU!

Residing in: Due to the four years of filming Poltergeist: The Legacy™, he lives in or around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Previously, they lived in Amsterdam in The Netherlands and continues to go back to his homeland regularly.)  

Astrological Sign: CANCER
Planet The Moon (feminine)
family, emotion, instincts, roots
Element Water
emotional, nurturing, sensitive, responsive
Quality Cardinal
initiative, visionary, active, motivated, distracted
Chinese Astrological Sign: TIGER
Best Dynamic - self-assured, hard-working, honorable, alluring, independent, idealistic, loving.
Worst Reckless - hot-headed, moody, disobediant, rebellious, predatory, harsh.
Yin-Yang Yang (masculine) -
action, movement, light, hot, dry
Derek de Lint's Signature

 Derek de Lint's Autograph

(Signature is the same on both of my two autographed Poltergeist: The Legacy scripts that came from MGM , so I'm assuming this is an authentic autograph since it is certified so.)

The following was compiled, translated from various sources (that were in Dutch) in 1996 by Richard van Bilsen, including his comments to clarify a few things:

As a child he never thought of becoming an actor but he originally wanted to be a stand-up comedian but a part in a stage play marked the first chapter in his acting career. His parents always thought he would become some kind of businessman. He was also good in drawing and painting. That's why he went to the art academy in Enschede (Holland). There he took lessons in fashion and photography, but that just didn't work out. He had a feeling that he lacked freedom to do the things he wanted. In search of that freedom he went to the 'Kleinkunstacademie' (Richard's comment: that's an academy like in that 'Fame' series) in Amsterdam but that also didn't work out. He played a role in the Dutch (theatre) version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. This was probably the reason why he didn't get the lead in "Soldier of Orange" - that role went to Rutger Hauer. Derek ended up with the role of a traitor that joins the Germans in WorldWar II. I believe his name was Fritz. Anyway, in "Soldier of Orange," his character gets killed in kind of a stupid way: blown up while sitting on the toilet. (Richard's comment: The only way to travel.) His breakthrough in America came with "De Aanslag" (The Assault) although people still come up to him because of his role in Soldier of Orange. He says he's being pigeonholed in America because he always gets cast as the European. He doesn't live in America (at least not in May 1995) but he lived for half a year in L.A. in 1989 with his family. His kids loved it. His wife is a interior decorator. In 1992 he almost got an offer to star in a sci-fi series (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - the Captain). Because that would mean he would have to be in L.A. nine months a year, he backed out. He said he got kinda scared, he just didn't want to. Oh, well. He says he likes the glamour of show business, but now and again he needs to get back to the basics, like making breakfast for the kids. He lived/lives in Amsterdam, Holland. [ NOTE: After 1995, he and later his family moved to the Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada, due to Poltergeist: The Legacy™ production. ]

Other Items of Interest:

Derek was a member of the jury and present from October 10-21 at the 1995 Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent along with: Elliott Gould (Actor, USA), Leonard Rosenman (Composer, USA),Yves Boisset (Directro, France), Gabrielle Claes (Conservator filmarchive, Belgium)

1985 he is listed as being on the Nederlands Film Festival jury with Bob Bouma (voorzitter), Philip Bloemendal, Sherman de Jesus, Dick Maas, Ageeth Scherphuis and Leon de Winter.

An excerpt from an article about upcoming programs written by Ann Hodges of the Houston Chronicle, right before the premiere of the pilot episode of "Poltergeist: The Legacy":

Dutch actor Derek De Lint plays the Legacy's leader, and Helen Shaver is its resident psychiatrist, Rachel Corrigan. De Lint, by the way, has it from a psychic that this show will be a hit.

"Fourteen years ago, she predicted I'd play a psychic in a show on the other side of the ocean, and it would change my career," he said. A change for the better, he obviously assumed.

Thanks again to Derek's fellow Dutchman, Richard van Bilsen, for doing the translations and some research to confirm information for us.

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