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Derek de Lint's "Filmography" includes in chronological order (to the best of our knowledge) the list of films, tv movies, mini-series, tv shows and theatre productions that Derek has acted in. The LINKS will take you to onsite or offsite pages with more information, credits, reviews, photos, video clips, links, etc.

Derek's directorial debut: Poltergeist: The Legacy™ episode "The Portents" which first aired on Friday, September 17th, 1999 on the Sci Fi Channel. Rachel and Alex investigate the death of a young monk and find that the Darkside is planning to unseal a secret portal to hell. Guest star: David Birney.

Films, Television and Theatre Credits
2010 TV Series (Dutch) Bloedverwanten as "Anton"
2009 Film Moonlight Serenade (Imdb link) as " Terence Hill" Musical/Romance.
2008 Film (Dutch) De brief voor de koning (The Letter for the King) as "Koning Dagonaut"
2008 TV Series (Dutch) Deadline as "Rogier Lankhorst" Derek has appeared in 12 episodes.
2006 Film ZwartboeK (Blackbook) (wikipedia) as "Gerben Kuipers"
Thriller/War. Released 14-Sep-2006 in The Netherlands. US Release: 06-Apr-2007
2006 Film When a Stranger Calls (Imdb link) as "Dr. Mandraki" Horror/Thriller. Released 03-Feb-2006.
2006 Theatre (Dutch) "Mephisto" play premiering 25--FEB-2006 in Leiden (Hummelinck Stuurman Theaterbureau)
2005-09 TV Series (Dutch) Gooische vrouwen (Imdb link) as "Dokter Rossi" Derek has appeared in 42 episodes.
2005 TV Mini-series Into the West (official site link) as "Preacher Hobbes" Aired over six weeks, starting 10-Jun2005.
2005 TV Series L Word, The - "Lap Dance"" (link to as "Manfredi de la Francesco Ferrer"
aired 27-Feb-2005 on Showtime
2004 TV Series (Dutch) Dunya en Desie - "Persoonlijke vragen" as "Mr. Govers"
2004 TV Series Navy NCIS - "Left for Dead" (link to slideshow) as "Dr. Stephen Brauer" aired 06-Jan-2004 on CBS
2003 TV Series (Dutch) Baantjer - "De Cock en de moord met een swing" (Imdb link) as "Georges van Baaren" aired 31-Oct-2003 on RTL 4 in The Netherlands
2003 Short FIlm

Big Charade, The (Imdb link) as "Vlad" Production completed June 03, 2003. Written and directed by Jesse McKeown (one of the five Kick Start 2003 recipients awarded by the Directors Guild of Canada, BC District Council and British Columbia Film). THE BIG CHARADE is a 5 minute "mock film trailer" about "a young farmboy with a gift for the game charades who delves into the seedy underworld of charades in search of his father's killer." SCREENED SEPT 6 & 13 AT THE 2003 THE TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST

2003 TV Series Veritas: The Quest -"The name's Zond, Nikko Zond" (Imdb link) aired 27-Jan-2003 on ABC
2002 TV Series Alias - "Passage Part II" (Imdb link) as "Gerard Cuvee" 08-Dec-2002 on ABC
2002 TV Mini-series Mevrouw de Minister (Imdb link) as "Prime Minister Staal"aired 12-May-2002 in the Netherlands
2002 Film Tom and Thomas as "Mr Bancroft"
2001 Film Superstition as "Alessandro Cenci"
2001 Film Soul Assassin as "Karl Jorgensen"
2001 Short Film Mon Amour Mon Parapluie as "Vagabond"
2000 Short Film 1, 2, 3, Talk to Me as "Margas"
2000 TV Series The Outer Limits - "Breaking Point" as "Carl"
1999 Short Film The Artist's Circle Dramatic short film with Michael Shanks and Don S Davis.
1999 TV Series The Outer Limits - "Starcrossed"  as "High Centurion"
1998 Film Deep Impact as "Theo Van Sertema"
1997 TV Mini-Series The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous  as "Maestro Rannaldini"
1996-99 TV Series Poltergeist: The Legacy as "Derek Rayne"
1996 TV Movie The Little Riders as "Dirk Petersen"
1995 Film AfFair Play  as "Alex Witsen"
1995 Film All Men Are Mortal  as "Bertus
1995 Film Lang Leve de Koningin (Long Live the Queen) as "Bob Hooke"
1994 TV Movie Perry Mason - "Case of the Lethal Lifestyle"  as "Dr. Estes"
1994 TV Series Pointman  as "Jacob"
1993/94 TV Series NYPD Blue - "Serge the Concierge"  as "Serge"
1993 Film Angie  as "Peter"
1993 TV Mini-Series Barbara Taylor Bradford's Remember  as "Charles Deveraux"
1993 TV Series Civil Wars - "A Liver Runs Through It" (Imdb link) Mar-1993 / Season 2
1992 TV Mini-Series Judith Krantz' Secrets  as "Paul Rodier"
1992 TV Movie

Sonne Über dem Dschungel  as "Peter"

1991 TV Movie Burning Shore as "Lothar de la Rey"
1990 TV Movie Burning Bridges as "Gus Morgan"
1990 Film The Endless Game  as "Abramov"
1989 TV Mini-Series The Free Frenchman as "Bertrand de Roujay
1989/90 TV Series China Beach Season III  as "Dr. Bernard"
1989 Film Rituelen (Rituals) as "Inni Wintrop"
1988 Film Stealing Heaven  as "Abelard"
1988 Film The Unbearable Lightness of Being  as "Franz"
1988 TV Movie The Great Escape II: The Untold Story  as "Dr. Thost"
1988 Film Dagboek van een Oude Dwaas (Diary of a Mad Old Man)  as "Philippe"
1987 Film Mascara  as "Chris Brine"
1987 Film Three Men and a Baby as "Jan Clopatz"
1987 TV (Dutch) Dossier Verhulst (IMDb link) as "Eric Hoogland"
1986 Film

De Aanslag (The Assault)  as "Anton Steenwijk"

1985 Film Mata Hari  as "Handsome Traveller"
1985 TV (Dutch) Slippers (IMDb link) as "Rob"
1984 Film Bastille *** as "Paul de Wit"
1984   Herenstraat 10 as "Karel"
1983/84 TV (Dutch) Dolly Dots: Dutch Treat
1983 Film Een Zaak van Leven en Dood (Silent Fear) as "Jack de Graaf"
1983 TV (Dutch) Willem van Oranje (IMDb link) as "Hendrik van Frankrijk"
1982/83 TV (Dutch) Spiegel Aan de Wand
1982/83 TV (Dutch) Clara Wieck en Johannes Brahms
1982/83 TV (Dutch) Armoede
1982/83 TV (Dutch) Suzanne
1982 Film Van de koele meren des doods (Hedwig, or The Cool Lakes of Death) as "Ritsaart"
1981/82 TV (Dutch) DeVlucht van de Duif  as "Pieter"
1981/82 TV (Dutch) De brief
1981 Film Come Back
1980/81 TV (Dutch) Lessen In Liefde: De Strijd Om de Liefde
1980 Film The Lucky Star  as "Lieutenant Steiner"
1979 Film Kort Amerikaans  as "Erik van Poelgeest"
1979 Film Dat Moet Toch Kunnen
c.1979 TV (Dutch) de Truc (The Trick) as a News Reporter
1979 Film de Grens (The Boundary)
1978/79 TV (Dutch) Natuurlijke Historie
1978/79 TV (Dutch) Kant Aan m'n Broek
1978 Film Dag Dokter - (Literally: "Bye, Doctor") aka The Inheritance  as "Theo van Delft"
1978 TV Movie (Dutch) Uit de Wereld van Guy de Maupassant: De Vlieg (The Fly) Won Best Foreign Production Emmy Award for 1978.
1977/78 Theatre (Dutch) Wie Slaapt Waar? by A. Ayckbourn  as "Chris"
1977/78 TV (Dutch) Theo Olof presenteert: Peter I Tjaikowski en Nadejda von Meck
1977 Film Blindgangers (Blind Spot)  as "Mark"
1977 Film Soldaat van Oranje (Soldier of Orange)  as "Alex"
1976 Film Barocco
1975/76 Theatre (Dutch) Thuis (Home) by H. Claus  as "Rik Vandaele"
1975/76 Theatre (Dutch) The Rocky Horror Show  by R. O'Brien  as "Brad Mayors"
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