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Derek de Lint as Serge the Concierge in NYPD Blue episode

Derek de Lint as Serge the Concierge in NYPD Blue episode

Derek de Lint as Serge the Concierge in NYPD Blue episode




Derek de Lint as "Serge the Concierge"

Episode no. 19. #5121
First aired: March 29, 1994 during the '93-94 Second Season
Can be seen occasionally in syndicated repeats.

USA Television Series


Dennis Franz - "Detective Andy Sipowicz"
James McDaniel - "Lt. Arthur Fancy"
Nicholas Turturro - "Detective James Martinez"
David Caruso - "Detective John Kelly"
Amy Brenneman - "Patrolwoman Janice Licalsi"
Michael DeLuise - "Andy Sipowicz Jr."
Gordon Clapp - "Detective Greg Medavoy"
Sharon Lawrence - "Assistant District Attorny, Sylvia Costas"
Gail O'Grady - "Donna Abandando"
Vincent Guastaferro - "Desk Sgt., Vincent Agostini"

Guest Cast:

Debrah Farentino - "Robin Wirkus"
Derek de Lint - "Serge"
Penny Fuller - "Roberta Taub"
Steven Antin - "Detective Nick Savino"
John P. Connolly - "Detective Jerry McCabe"
Noah Emmerich - "Eddie"
Robert Bauer - "Lenny"
Jack Shearer - "Seymour Gold"
Richard Gant - "Desk Sargeant at the 8th Precinct"
Suzanne Krull - "Junie"
Richard Timothy Jones - "Willy"
Lee Weaver - "Buck Naked"
Emily Mura-Smith - "Civilian Assistant at 8th Precinct"

Derek played the oh-so-attentive Swiss concierge of a posh New York hotel who was very helpful in taking care of a lonely, rich woman's needs...he helped her "off" the husband!

"Robin's husband dies, later she is angry when her husband's will seems to stipulate that Kelly should resume his duties as her bodyguard. Sipowicz must clear his son of a drug pushing charge. The detectives check a garbage dump for a female body but turn up a male. Looking into the male body's murder, Kelly suspects a concierge and the hotelier of conspiring to murder the hotelier's husband." - NYPD Blue Episode Guide Copyright 1994-99, Dennis Kytasaari.

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