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German Title: "Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins"
French Title: "L'Insoutenable légèreté de l'être"

Derek de Lint as "Franz"

Director - Philip Kaufman
Production Company - The Saul Zaentz Company
Country - USA
Language - English


Daniel Day-Lewis - "Tomas"
Juliette Binoche - "Tereza"
Lena Olin - "Sabina"
Derek de Lint - "Franz"
Erland Josephson - "Botschafter"
Pavel Levandovksy - "Pavel"
Donald Moffat - "Chefarzt"
Daniel Olbrychski - "Agent des Innenministeriums"
Stellan Starsgard - "Ingenieur"
Tomek Bork "Jiri"

Based on the book by Milan Kundera. Tomas (Daniel Day Lewis) is a surgeon living and working in Prague, Czechoslovakia during the 1960s. He's an apolitical, sophisticated womanizer who has an on-going non-emotional, physical relationship with a like-minded artist named Sabina (Lena Olin). Both are very happy with their arrangement. On a work-related train trip, he meets an intelligent country girl named Tereza (Juliette Binoche) but has to leave before getting to know her better. She surprisingly shows up one day at his door and against his "values" allows her to stay in his apartment, gets caught up in love with her and marries her. He still finds it hard to change his womanizing ways which hurts Tereza. Tereza and Sabina finally come to terms and form a special friendship. Sabina falls for a married man, Franz (Derek de Lint), who really does not accept her being an artist but winds up leaving his wife for her. She leaves him to escape to Switzerland. A formerly apolitical Tomas gets involved along with Teresa and Sabina in the events of the "Prague Spring (1968)" until the Soviet tanks crush the non-violent rebels and their lives are irrevocably changed. I won't tell you the ending but it is a beautiful story which exudes real life, love and tragedy. This is one of the first films I remember watching Derek de Lint in, since I've had in on tape for almost 9 years now.

Roger Ebert's Review, dated 2/05/88

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