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French: Tous Les Hommes Sont Mortels
German (?): Alle Menschen Mussen Sterben

Derek de Lint - "Bertus"

Director - Ate De Jong
Writing - Simone de Beauvoir (novel), Steven Gaydos,
Ate de Jong Olwen Wymark
Producers - Frederic Golchan (executive), Matthijs van Heijningen, Trevor Ingman (line), Rudolf Wichmann


Irène Jacob - "Regina"
Stephen Rea - "Fosca"
Colin Salmon -"Chas"
Marianne Sägebrecht - "Annie"
Maggie O'Neil - "Florence"
Steve Nicolson - "Laforet"
Chiara Mastroianni - "Françoise"
Jango Edwards - "Adelson"
Derek de Lint - "Bertus"
John Nettles - "Sanier"
Michael Gaunt - "mayor of Rouen"
Miranda Forbes - "hospital nun/sister"
Roger Monk - "boxing announcer"
Fons Elders - "existentialist 1"
Gaia Elders - "existentialist 2"
Marlene Sidaway - "hotel maid"
Jane Wymark - "actor"
Terrence McGinity - "actor"
Ewan Bailey - "actor"
Eryk Sobesto - "actor"
George Raistrick - "police chief"
David Healy - "movie producer"


Original music - Simon Fisher-Turner, Michael Gibbs
Cinematography - Bruno de Keyzer
Film Editing - Nicolas Gaster
Production Design - Ben van Os
Art Director - Constance De Vos
Set Decorator - Ank Van Straalen
Costume Design - Jany Temime
Hair Stylist - Stevie Hall (hair)
Make-up - Katalin Jakots, Morag Ross, Anne Spiers
Assistant Directors- Zsuzsa Gurban, Richard Lingard
Sound - Godfrey Kirby
Foley Artists - Pauline Griffith , Jenny Lee Wright
Special Effects - Peter Szilagyi
Stunt Coordinator - Gábor Piroch
Wardrobe Supervisor - Wilfrid Laudicina

An unforgettable film based on the most successful novel of the famous writer Simone de Bauvoir, the inseparable companion of Jean-Paul Sartre. The film occurs during the postwar period in France, where the recent Existencialist movement is emerging from the jazz clubs and coffee houses. Regina (Irene Jacob) is a well-known and admired actress in all France. Nevertheless, but she is unsatisfied with her life and anxious about growing older and her beauty waning. During a successful theater tour in the provinces, Regina meets a strange man (Fosca played by Stephen Rea) and is astonished of her immediate interest and attraction towards him. Fosca falls in love with her. It's not long before Regina becomes anxious. Fosca, in his desperation, reveals to her his past and curse - that he is 700 years old and immortal. This catches Regina since there will be a man on earth who will remember her and she will be immortal through his memory. But to Fosca, his memories of past centuries and the turmoil he goes through seeing his loved ones age and die is persection. Regina yearns to be the only woman in his memory and is forced to question if immortality and love can coexist or if true love is only possible when men are mortal.

Premier Date: September 23, 1995

Click here for the novel by Simone DeBeauvoir

Filmarchief's review (Dutch)


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