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Derek de Lint as "Peter Koudbier"

Language: DUTCH
Director: Martin Lagestee
Producer: Martin Lagestee
Writer: Martin Lagestee
Sound: Victor Dekker
Photography: Tom Erisman
Artistic Director: Harry Ammerlaan
Editing: Herman P. Koerts
Music :Joop Koopman, Clifford Scholten


Annemarie Röttgering - "Angie Kempers"
Daniël Boissevain - "Alex, Angie's older brother"
Hidde Schols - "Frank Rothuizen"
Derek de Lint - "Peter Koudbier"
Marijke Veugelers - "Angie's mother"
Peter Tuinman - "Detective Burger"
Pieter Lutz - "Harry"
Harry van Rijthoven - "Wim Hoffman, friend of Angie's mother"
Tygo Gernandt - "Freddy, Alex' friend"
Jack Wouterse
Gijs Staverman - "DJ"
Frank Nendels - "Mafioso"

(Not the American one with Geena Davis) The following is from Gofilex - Meteor Classics Katalogus 95/96, translated by Richard van Bilsen: The story about three young people - Angie, her boyfriend Frank and her brother Alex. They try to give a new meaning to their lives. In spite of their couragous attempts to get something positive out of life, they get caught in a world of crime. Next to experienced actors like Derek de Lint, young actors like Annemarie Rottgering (who plays Angie) are introduced.

"Cheeky action film about three young people who try to keep their heads in a harsh and confusing world. After her return from a children's home, Angie ties to build up a normal life with her mother again. But the mutual distrust is great. After a nasty incident with her mother's new boyfriend, Angie angrily moves in with her elder brother. Director Martin Lagestee regards his feature ANGIE as a fairy-tale upside down without a happy ending. A modern, non-moralistic tale in which friendship, sex and violence play an important role." -

Frank Nendels who played "Mafioso" in "Angie"


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Translations: InterTran™



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