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Derel as Dr Estes 1

Derek as Dr Estes 2

Derek as Dr Estes 3

Derek as Dr Estes 4

Derek as Dr Estes 5

Derek as Dr Estes 6

Derek as Dr Estes 7

Derek as Dr Estes 8

Our thanks to Suzy Redfern for the photos!




Derek de Lint as Dr Estes in Perry Mason - The Case of the Lethal LifestyleDerek de Lint as "Dr. Estes"

First Air Date: 5/10/94
Director - Helaine Head

Hal Holbrook - "William McKenzie"
Barbara Hale - "Della Street"
William R. Moses - "Ken Malansky"
Dixie Carter - "Louise Archer"
Diahann Carroll - "Lydia Bishop"
James Stephens - "Daniel Kingman"
Molly Hagan - "Laurel Crown"
James McEachin - "Lt. Brock"
Derek de Lint - "Dr. Estes"

More cast and crew info available at the IMDb

This was one of the Perry Mason mystery made-for-tv movies that was made after actor Raymond Burr died.

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Photos (added 06/11/00) are courtesy of Suzy Redfern. Thanks to her video capturing talents and for sharing these photos with the rest of us DdL fans!

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