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Derek de Lint as Jacob Isaac

Derek de Lint as Jacob Isaac

Derek de Lint as Jacob Isaac

Derek de Lint as Jacob Isaac

Derek de Lint as Jacob Isaac

Derek de Lint as Jacob

Click here for a pic of The Pointman
Connie Harper
(Lead Character)

Click here for a pic of Roxann Biggs-Dawson
Rosie Alvarez




Click here to view larger pic.USA/ Prime Time Entertainment Network
Length - 97 minutes long
Director - Robert Ellis Miller
Writers - Steve Hatman and Maurice Hurle
Original Music - Paul Haslinger


Jack Scalia - "Constantine 'Connie' Harper"
Roxann Biggs-Dawson - "Rosie Alvarez"
Bruce A. Young - "OC"
Robert Knepper - "Johnny"
Fritz Weaver - "Jason"
Brent Jennings -
Annie Corley - "Judge Helen Pappas"
Brandon Smith - "Felix"
Sean McGraw - "Robert Greenwood"
Michael DeLorenzo - "Julio/Rosie's brother"
Derek de Lint - "Jacob Isaac"* (no where else did I find the character's last name but once in the movie, it is mentioned and it sounded like "Isaac" but I'm not sure of the spelling.)
Johnny Dark - "Mike"
Tiffany Lawrence - "Tracy"
Willie Rosario - "Johnny Maroni"
Francis Ruivivar - "Toast"
Crystal Shaw - "Secretary"
Mitch Pileggi - "Benny"
Harlow Blackmon -
Angie Bolling - "Bouter's Secretary"
Brady Coleman - "Doc"
Michael Crabtree -
Blue Deckert - "Blue"
Melissa de Leon - "Marie"
David Denney - "Milkshake"
Coquina Dunn - "Crystal"
Ron Jackson - "Maitre d'"
Kirk Sisko - "Bouter"
Joe Stevens -
Michael Washington - "Adonis"
Jay Gibson - "Gibby"

Constantine "Connie" Harper's partner, Robert Bouter,arranges for and gets Connie arrested and convicted of fraud. Although innocent, he gets sentenced to 15 years. Connie is finally released after already spending almost three years in prison. While in prison, Connie promised a fellow inmate, Julio, that he'd go to his sister Rosie. Julio stole rough diamonds from a dealer, Jacob Isaac (played by Derek de Lint) who hired him to steal them so he could get the insurance money but Julio hid the diamonds from him (he did want them back after all!.) Rosie's life was threatened if Julio didn't give the diamonds back. Connie therefore becomes Rosie's bodyguard and the story continues from there. The Pointman wins in the end, of course.


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Filmed in Jacksonville, Florida
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