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(literally translates to "Bye, Doctor")
aka The Inheritance

Derek de Lint as "Theo van Delft"

NETHERLANDS| Fons Rademakers Produktie
Language - Dutch
Director - Ate De Jong
Producer - Fons Rademakers
Script - Ate de Jong
Sound - Kees Linthorst
Camera - Paul van den Bos
Art Director - Dorith Jessurun
Editing -Mario Steenbergen
Music - Willem Breuker


Billy Ward - "Jimmy Sanders"
André van de Heuvel - "Professor Bernard Delfman"
Kitty Janssen - "Elisabeth Delfman"
Monique van de Ven - "Ingrid Sanders"
Astrid Wijn - "Marjan van Dijk"
Derek de Lint - "Theo van Delft"
Dick Swidde - "heer Koppers, patient"
Matthijs van Heijningen - "obese patient"
Huub van der Lubbe - "Maxim"
Diana Dobbelman - "nurse"

Debut film by Ate de Jong based on a screenplay he wrote with Hugo Claus.

An aging Doctor with a general practice tries to convince his son-in-law to take over his practice. Monique van de Ven plays the doctor's daughter, who is torn apart by love of her husband and solidarity with her father. An elderly doctor who feels his end is near is trying to get his very reluctant American son-in-law to take his place, which does not appeal to the son-in-law. He's forced into taking over when the old doctor dies.

Credits: , All Dutch Films , IMDb
Translations: InterTran

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