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"Derek de Lint Home Again
in Roeland Kerbosch 's
Affair Play"

DdL in Affair Play
Derek de Lint as "Alex Witsen"

Director Roeland Kerbosch
Country - UK/Netherlands
Production Company - Sigma Film
Language - English


Derek de Lint - "Alex Witsen"
Lysette Anthony - "Lisa Parks/Lucy"
Bill Sage - "Mickey"
Ann Hasekamp - "Aunt Caroline"
Valerie Valentine - "Julia"
Boudewijn de Groot - "Simon West"
Sieto Hoving - "Maurice"
William Sutton - "Koning"
Jeanne Wikler - "Jenny"
Carel Alphenaar - "Dr. Hulst"
David Palffy - "David"
Martijn Nieuwerf - "Alex Witsen", 20 (dubbed with Derek de Lint's voice?)
Hans Somers - "Simon West", 20
Rodney Beddall - "waiter"
Marius Monkau - "Andrew"
Lesly Gray - "singer"
Mary Moher - "Mom"
Ray Goodsir - "Dad"


Writer - Bastiaan Gieben
Producer - Matthijs van Heijningen
Script - Roeland Kerbosch, Bastiaan Gieben
Sound - Ludo Keeris
Camera - Nils Post
Art Director. - Ben van Os, Constance de Vos
Editing - Ewout Hendriksen
Music - Laurens van Rooyen
Cinematography - Nils Post

Premiered: May 25 1995

A thriller about obsessive jealousy and manipulation - a wealthy Amsterdam diamond merchant has a stormy romance and marries the double of a former lover who had died through his action. Their fragile marital bliss is soon overshadowed by the morbid jealousy of the traumatised diamond merchant, who sees a potential rival in every man. To heal himself and save his relationship, he finally asks an attractive golfer to seduce his wife for money. However when he finds the couple in each others arms, he realizes he has made a big mistake. Then the woman makes a discovery that throws a completely different light on the diamond merchant's past.

The following is a 5/24/95 not-so-rave film review by Huib Stam, translated by Richard van Bilsen & edited by me:

Main character is Alex Witsen, played with style by Derek de Lint, who is a very wealthy but lonely diamond-trader with a preference for erotic art. He meets an indifferent American, Lisa (Lysette Anthony) who looks just like his childhood sweetheart who died by Alex' fault. They get married shortly after but then the trouble begins. The past is creeping up on them. Next to that, Alex is incredibly jealous. He develops a jealousy-as-self-torture therapy for himself. He hires the good-looking professional golfer, Mickey (played by Hal Hartley-actor Bill Sage) to seduce Lisa. With his binoculars he watches from across the street. When Lisa withstands Mickey, then he will know for sure that she is faithful. Then he is suprised by facts and feelings. The lovestory is then like a puzzle. The title ( AfFair Play ) is a play upon words, so it can both mean a "relation game" and a "honest game." To understand the whole construction of the story, written by Kerbosch and Bastiaan Gieben based on an idea by Dimitri Frenkel Frank, requires some calculating. The whole setup of the movie is calculated. Every movie is, of course, the result of the calculation of the producer, but that is not always that obvious. More or less famous actors, the atmosphere of wealth, fancy locations in Amsterdam, sufficient nudity, handsome cars, international characters and an up-to-date storyline: That is how the director and the producer, clearly aimed at an international distribution, compiled the movie. The movie itself isn't that bad but Kerbosch is not a great director. A lot of shots are obligatory and superficially filmed. On the whole, the movie lacks dynamics, which can be lethal for a thriller. That can also be the fault of a bit of an illogical plot. De Lint has his good moments and Lysette Anthony Lisa plays with insight.

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Thanks to Derek's fellow Dutchman, Richard van Bilsen, again for research and translations.

Added link to video Sept 2000.

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Translations: InterTran™ (this page) and Bill van Voorthuysen for the article.


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