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Derek de Lint - "Paul Rodier"


Writer: Judith Krantz

Jaime Lyn Bauer - "Elizabeth Alsop "
David Birney - "Thomas Strickland"
Stéphane Bonnet - "Robert Matan"
William Bumiller - "Dan Dawson"
Christina Caron - "Lisa Creighton"
Sky Dumont - "Len Creighton"
Michael Durrell - "Victor Sabachelli"
Timothy Gibbs - "Claude Rodier"
Sam Hennings - "Roy Alsop
Sally Ann Howes - "Tina Matthews"
Derek de Lint - "Paul Rodier"
Peggy Lipton - "Olivia Owens"
Kelly Miller (I) - "Nikki West"
Jim O'Connor (II) - "Thomas 'Jag' Strickland, Jr."
Jon Soresi - "Darius Penopoulos"
Victor Spinetti - "Sigmund Vandenhoff"
Fabiana Udenio - "Betts Mandovini"
Sherilyn Wolter - "Justine Strickland"

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