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Out of the four seasons of this wonderful series, my all-time favorite episode is still "Twelfth Cave" from Season One where Derek suffers great angst and doubts his sanity when he is cursed by a Dead Sea scroll given to him by an "old friend", Randolph Hitchcock (played by David Ogden Stiers.)

Derek de Lint as Derek Rayne in "Twelfth Cave"

Derek de Lint as Derek Rayne in "Twelfth Cave"

Derek de Lint as Derek Rayne in "Twelfth Cave"

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Derek de Lint as Derek Rayne Derek de Lint stars as the precept of the San Francisco Legacy House, Derek Rayne.

Series created by Richard Barton Lewis of Trilogy Entertainment Group for MGM.

Derek played the lead role for all four seasons in this US tv series, the first three seasons were first aired on Showtime (cable movie channel) , season four was aired on the Sci Fi Channel (cable network) as a part of a package deal with MGM. All seasons have aired in syndication over satellite and on local tv affiliates all across the world, which garnered even more fans for our favorite Dutch actor! :-)


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