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Production Start Date:
October 3, 2000

Delivery Date:
April 2001

Release Date:
Not Available yet







When a baby is killed in a mysterious house fire, the child's young English nanny is arrested and accused of murder. The Italian press is convinced she is a witch.
- short synopsis from VINE INT'L PICTURES

Derek de Lint as "Alessandro Cenci"   

Language - n/a
Movie Masters BV in association with
     Woodline Productions, Delux Productions
Distribution - Vine International Pictures
Director - Kenneth Hope
Producers - Bob Hubar, Denis Wigman
Writers - Paul Hoffman, Kate Dennis
      from the original story by writer Stephen Volk


Mark Strong - "Antonio Gabrieli" (lawyer)
Sienna Guillory - "Julie McCullough" (the nanny)
David Warner - "Judge Padovani"
Charlotte Rampling - "Mother Frances Matteo"
Alice Krige - "Mirella Cenci" (mother of the baby, Claudio)
Frances Barber - "Isabella Flores"
Derek de Lint - "Alessandro Cenci" (father of the baby)
David Sterne - "Vassi
David Schofield - "Dr Roberto Fallaci" "
Wendy Veldhuis - "Sarah"
Richard Durdon - "Minister of Justice"
Mateylok Gibbs - "Grandmother Cenci"
John Benfield

Julie (Sienna Guillory) is a 19-year-old English nanny hired by wealthy Italian couple Mirella (Alice Krige) and Alessandro Cenci (Derek de Lint) to take care of their baby son Claudio. Julie has a hard time in the house; leered at by Alessandro. She is wrongly accused of flirting with him by the jealous Mirella. But Julie adores her young charge and tries to keep herself to herself in the house. However, when baby Claudio dies in a mysterious fire at the family home, the finger of blame points to the young outsider and Julie is thrust into a nightmare scenario, where no one believes that she does not know how the fire started.

She is accused of being a witch by the local press and as the witchhunt intensifies, Julie’s only hope lies in the hands of defense lawyer Antonio Gabrieli (Mark Strong). Gabrieli, though, is fighting his own demons. A deeply private and gentle man grieving over the loss of his young wife in a car accident, the lawyer is only persuaded to come out of mourning to take on Julie’s case by the exhortations of his friend and colleague Isabella Flores (Frances Barber).

Julie’s guilt hangs in the balance, but when a series of further unexplained fires begin to blaze, the young nanny seems irredeemably implicated and is jailed for suspected arson. Gabrieli fights to prove the girl's innocence. He is granted custody of the girl after a judicial verdict and he takes her into his own home. But after some degree of trust has been established between them, it is clear he is putting himself at risk by having her there, and his house too is unexplainably set ablaze. 

Meanwhile, Gabrieli has been contacted by Dr Roberto Fallaci (David Schofield), an expert in the supernatural who wants to talk to him about the possibility of Julie being possessed. As a man of fact, Gabrieli dismisses the professor's theory until he realizes he may need his help. Together with former psychiatrist Mother Frances Matteo (Charlotte Rampling) the trio come together to try to prove Julie's innocence.

In a final unveiling of shattering events from Julie’s past, the terrible truth is revealed. - synopsis from VINE INTERNATIONAL PICTURES


Photo 1 (from the official site for SUPERSTITION)

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Credits: Official page for Superstition on Vine International Pictures' site; Preview Online.

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