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English: Rituals

Derek de Lint as "Inni Wintrop"

Based on the 1980 novel by Cees Nooteboom. About the gradual re-education of an upper class womanizer and art dealer, Inni Wintrop (played by Derek De Lint), who loses most of his money and his wife after a major stock market crash. Afterwards, he meets the the poor rejected son of a family friend (played by Thom Hoffman) who teaches him another way of looking at life's everyday rituals and has concentrated his life around a Japanese tea ceremonial.

Director - Herbert Curiël
Producer - Matthijs van Heijningen
Script - Herbert Curiël
Sound : Victor Dekker
Camera : Marc Felperlaan
Art Director - Harry Ammerlaan
Editing - August Verschueren
Music - Eric Tijn, Jochem Fluitsma
Costumes - Jany Temime
Stunts - Ben de Jong


Thom Hoffman - "Philip Taads"
Derek de Lint - "Inni Wintrop"
Margarete van Dam
Bert André - "Monsignor"
Jérôme Reehuis - "Roozenboom"
Johan Ooms - "Riezenkamp"
Camille Braaksma
Ton Lensink - "Arnold Taads"
Sigrid Koetse - "Aunt Theresa"
Seryn Hylton Parker - "Zita, Inni's wife"
Roswitha Bergman - "duivenmeisje"
Christina van der Horst - "Lyda"
Edo Douma - "Broker"
Jaap Hoogstra -"Uncle Louis"
George Konig - "photographer"
Phons Leussink - "man in club"

Premiered: April 20, 1989


Credits: Nethlandfilm, IMDb, All Dutch Films

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