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English: Long Live The Queen
German: Lang lebe die Königin

Derek de Lint as "Bob Hooke"

Director - Esmé Lammers
Country - Netherlands
Language - Dutch
Production Company - First Floor Features

Along the lines of Alice in Wonderland, this "kids' film" is about Sarah who has never seen her Dad. She investigates the game of chess and at the same time, searches for her father. Derek's character is a chess player. Don't read the credits if you don't like spoilers!

Awards (most recent at the top):

Prix du public, Les 400 coups, Montréal (1997)

Golden Calf for Best Dutch feature at the 16th Dutch Filmfestival (1996.)

Montgomery Award, Chicago International Children's Film Festival (1996)

Most popular film, Vienna International Children's Film Festival, Austria (1996)

Best Movie at International Cinekid Festival (1995.)

Cast (in order of credits):

Maja van den Broecke - "Black Queen"
Lisa De Rooy - "Susanne de Wall & Sara's Mother"
Cas Enklaar - "White Bishop"
Derek de Lint - "Bob Hooke & Sara's Father"
Rudolf Lucieer - "Teacher"
Pieter Lutz - "Sara's Grandfather"
Tiba Tossijn - "Sara"
Serge-Henri Valcke - "Black King"
Monique van de Ven - "White Queen"
Jack Wouterse - "White King"
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Premiered: October 2, 1995


Official Site of First Floor Features,
"Long Live the Queen" page (credit for pic)

Freeze Frame Film Festival with RealVideo clip

Lang leve de koningin (Belgian)


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