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Derek de Lint in "Mascara" - montage of film scenes from the movie, including other actors.
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Derek de Lint as Chris Brine in Mascara(aka Make-Up for Murder)

Derek de Lint as "Chris Brine"

Production Co.- Dedalus[fr]/Iblis Films[be]/Praxino Pictures[nl]
Director - Patrick Conrad
Writer - Hugo Claus

A transvestite gets murdered and the
investigators of his death must explore
the dark underside of society to find out what happened.

Charlotte Rampling - "Gaby Hart"
Derek de Lint - "Chris Brine"
Michael Sarrazin - "Bert Sanders"

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If you really want to see this movie for yourself, it's available at Amazon for $16.99

Video captures, montage and photo editing by Clair.

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