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front and back cover from Dutch video

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English: Crew Cut (literally translated from Dutch: "short american")

Kort Amerikaans

Derek de Lint as "Erik van Poelgeest"

Director - Guido Pieters
Country - Netherlands
Production Company - Concept/Cinecentrum
Language - Dutch

Based on the novel by Jan Wolkers. First leading role for then 29-year-old Derek de Lint. If you're wondering what the title means, a Dutch friend says a "Short American" is what they call a really short haircut over there...I'm thinking an American buzzcut or something like that, who knows. The following translated by Richard van Bilsen: The story takes place in The Netherlands in 1944. Erik (Derek de Lint) is a handsome nineteen year old, just beginning his carreer as an artist. He's a cynical boy still perscuted by the "bible-speeches" of his father. He spends his days in an attic where he paints lamp-shades and goes to the acadamy of arts (?). It's in these places that he meets the people who are going to play an important part in his life.


Derek de Lint - " Erik van Poelgeest"
Tingue Dongelmans - "Elly"
Cristel Braak - "Ans"
Guus Oster - "D'Ailleurs"
Joop Admiraal - "De Spin"
Bernard Droog - "Van Grouw"
Andrea Domburg - "Erik's mother"
Pierre van Doude - "Erik's father"
Hedie Meyling - "Betty"
Tilly Perin-Bouwmeester - "Grandma"
Henk Rigters - "Undertaker"
Liane Saalborn - "Mrs. D'Ailleurs"
Manon Alving - "De Spin's mother"
Ralph Wingens - "Mr. Rozier"
Nicolaas Homan - "young Erik"
Theo de Neff, Elsje Scherjon, Helmert Woudenberg, Marloes Fluitsma (voice)


Writers - Karin Loomans, Guido Pieters, Jan Wolkers (novel)
Cinematography - Eduard van der Enden
Original music - Pim Koopman
Costume Design - Marjolein Stokkink
Film Editing - Ton Ruys
Executive Producer - Ryclef Rienstra
Producer - Gerrit Visscher
Assistant Producer - Carla Stoltenborg
Assistant Producer - Hans de Groot
Special Effects -
Hennie van den Akker, Aad van Weste, Harrie Wiessenhaan
Art Directors - Roland De Groot, Ruud Van Dijk
Assistant Director - Vivian Pieters
Sound - Jan van Sandwijk, Wim Vonk, Wim Wolfs
Recording Director - Dirk Schreiner
Make-Up Artist - Jef Simons
Music Producer - Reinier Sinaasappel
Script Girl - Jane Waltman

Premier: October 10, 1979

Thanks to Derek's fellow Dutchman, Richard van Bilsen, again for scanning the video box covers for me and for some of the description information and translation.

Help with credts: IMDb, All Dutch Films
Translations: InterTran™

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