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Derek de Lint as "Abramov"

Derek de Lint as "Abramov"

Derek de Lint as "Abramov"

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Albert Finney as "Alec Hillsden"

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George Segal as "Jock"

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Kristin Scott Thomas as "Caroline"

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Ian Holm as "Control"


(Gezinktes Spiel)

Derek de Lint - "Abramov"

Director - Bryan Forbes

Based on the book of the same name. A British agent, Alex Hillsden (Albert Finney) examines the events in his past to determine who killed his former mistress/agent, Caroline Oates (Kristin Scott Thomas), and why. The investigation leads him from a nursing home into an international conspiracy and a defection. Derek de Lint plays Abramov, a significant character in the latter half of this movie who deals with Alec Hillsden.

Albert Finney - "Alec Hillsden"
George Segal - "Jock"
Derek de Lint - "Abramov"
Monica Guerritore - "Silvia"
Ian Holm - "Control"
Kristin Scott Thomas - "Caroline"
Benedick Blythe - "Gunther"
Julian Holloway - "Waddington"
Michael Medwin - "Bayldon"
John Standing - "Belfrage"
Ingrid Lacey - "Inga"
Sandor Elès - "Hansel"
James Barron - "Probation Officer"
Mark Greenstreet - "First Blond Youth"
Robert Addie - "Second Blond Youth"


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