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Derek de Lint in BlindgangersEnglish title: Blind Spot

Derek de Lint as "Mark"

NETHERLANDS| Horizon Films

Language - Dutch
Director - Ate De Jong
Writers - Ate de Jong, Wanda Reisel
Producers - Olga Madsen, Frans Rasker
Original music - Willem Breuker
Cinematography - Marc Felperlaan
Editing - Vivian Pieters
Sound - Jan Overweg


Ansje Beentjes - "Danielle Sandberg"
Derek de Lint - "Mark"
Maroesja Lacunes - "Annette Urk"
Jimmy Berghout - "Paul"
Lettie Oosthoek - "Joke"
Ben Hulsman - "Fons"
Diana Dobbelman - "Doctor"
Michiel Kerbosch - "Soldier"
Wim Kouwenhoven - "Policeman"
Emile van Moerkerken - "Blind man"

A young couple played by Derek de Lint and Ansje Beentjes, married two years just shortly after they met, are now trying to hold their marriage together.

Premiered: May 5, 1977


Credits: IMDb, Richard van Bilsen, All Dutch Films
Translations: InterTran™


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