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Derek de Lint - Marij's friend

Country - Netherlands
Language - Dutch
Director - Jonne Severijn

Portrait of a jazz musician and his struggle after an accident, to new music and a new relationship. This movie was selected to compete as the Dutch nomination for the academy awards.


Theu Boermans - "Ab Goeree"
Sylvia Millecam - "Marij"
Annelies Knoop - "Mieke"
Teuntje de Klerk - "Ingrid"
Henk Reijn - "Mat"
Louise Ruys - "mother"
Derek de Lint - Marij's friend
Johan Leysen - "co-assistent"
Rudolf Lucieer - "Professor Vegter"
Edmond Classen - "physician"
Kees Hulst - "Neurologist?"
Ernst Zwaan - "Physiotherapist"
Celia Nufaar - "nurse"
Barbara Barendrecht - "nurse"
Arnica Elsendoorn - "nurse"
Cor van Rijn - "Dr. Voogd"
Ab Abspoel - "Maas"
Bert André - "Father"
Kika Mol - "Physiotherapist"
Trix Zwartjes - "Social Worker"
Marina de Graaf - "nurse"
Paul Gieske - "Hans"
Harry Venema - "Cor"
Ad Noyons - "Dijkhuis"
Ad Frigge "Niemeyer"
Paola van der Heijde - "Head Nurse"
Huib Broos "Harry"
Sacco van der Made - "Policeman"
Natasja van Praag
Gé Frankhuizen
Louise Ruys

Premiered: October 15, 1981

Credits: , IMDb
Translations: InterTran

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