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Derek de Lint - "Dirk Petersen"

Filmed in De Rijp, Netherlands | Walt Disney Productions | US
Director - Kevin Connor
Writer - Gerald Di Pego
(Novel by Margaretha Shemin)

Based on the book of the same name by Margaretha Shemin, (illustrated by Peter Spier.) A young American girl, Johanna Hunter, is stranded in Nazi-occupied Holland with her Dutch grandparents in Kirkendam after her mother is killed. They are forced to house a German lieutenant, Lt. Braun, who happens to find his Captain's methods of psychological warfare disturbing but at the same time, wants to be a good officer. When the evil Captain threatens to destroy "The Little Riders" of the town's clock, the grandparents rally the villagers to save it. Derek de Lint plays one of the villagers who is in the resistance group.

This was a really good movie that was made for The Disney Channel but they haven't aired it since 1996 when I saw it first month it was on! They have not made it available on video yet either. I've had several elementary teachers emailing me to see if I had a copy of the movie so it must be a popular book for educational purposes.

Paul Scofield - "Pieter Roden"
Noley Thornton - "Joanne Hunter"
Rosemary Harris - "Juiliana Roden"
Malcolm McDowell - "Captain Kessel"
Benedick Blythe - "Lt. Braun"
Luke Edwards - "Paul Petersen"
Derek de Lint - "Dirk Petersen"
Renée Soutendijk - "Beatrix Hunter"
Huib Broos - "Jacob"
Niven Boyd - "Sgt. Borken"
Christopher Villiers - "2nd Lt. Muller"
Frederik de Groot - "Father Hugo"
Michiel Nooter - "Frederick"
Hidde Maas - "Dr. Van Renesse"
Karin Meerman - "Mrs. Van Renesse"
Wim Serlie - "Hans Keer"
James Delaney - "Lucas Keer"
Genio De Groot - "Green Policeman"
Reinout Bussemaker - "Ulrich"
Baruch Schwartz - "German Soldier"
Adriaan Adriaansen - "Man with Broom"
Jeff Harding - "Michael Hunter"
William Sutton - "American Airman #1"
Chip Bray - "American Airman #2"

Executive Producer - Bill McCutchen
Producer - David Anderson
Original music - Lee Holdridge
Cinematography - Willy Kurant
Costume Design - Diane Holmes
Production Design - Keith Wilson
Film Editing - Barry Peters
Production Sound Mixer - Laurie Clarkson
Camera Operator - Seamus Corcoran
Casting - Margaret Crawford, Job Gosschalk, Jose Villaverde
Script Supervisor - Sue Field
Art Director - Alistair Kay
Chief Make-up & Hair - Christine Penwarden
Disney Channel Executive - Carol Rubin
Unit Production Manager - Dirk Schreiner

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