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(Literally: A Matter of Life and Death)
English:Silent Fear

Derek de Lint as "Jack de Graaf"

NETHERLANDS| Sigma Pictures Productions BV
Language - Dutch
Director - George Schouten
Producer - Matthijs van Heijningen
Script - George Schouten
Sound - Georges Bossaers
Camera - Marc Felperlaan
Art Director - Harry Ammerlaan
Editing - Edgar Burcksen
Music - Hero Wouters, Bart Terlaak
Stunts - Dick Beer


Peter Faber - "Hans Jansonius"
Derek de Lint - "Jack de Graaf"
Gerard Cox - "Lucas van der Vlugt"
Lex Schoorel - "Therapist"
HenriŽtte Tol - "Psychiatrist"
Carla Hardy - "Eva Jansonius"
Judy Doorman - "Cecil Swart/DaniŽlle"
Robert Sobels - "Ramakers"

"A man in search of the reason why he loses touch with his wife soon after their wedding." -

Based on the novel by Zonder Dollen. A psychological thriller about a salesman (played by Peter Faber) who during a convention is confronted with the man, a former colleague (Derek de Lint) who ran of with his wife. She was suffering from all kinds of "phobic diseases" and plunged to her death from a balcony. It isn't clear whether someone pushed her over the edge or not.

Premiered: April 14, 1983


Credits: , Richard van Bilsen, All Dutch Films , IMDb
Translations: InterTran™

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