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Derek de Lint as the Handsome Traveller

Sylvia Kristel as Mata Hari
Sylvia Kristel - "Mata Hari"

Derek de Lint as the Handsome Traveller

Derek de Lint as the Handsome Traveller

Derek de Lint as the Handsome Traveller

Oliver Tobias as Laroux
Oliver Tobias - "Ladoux"

Christopher Cazenove as Karl von Bayerling
Christopher Cazenove as
"Karl von Bayerling"




Derek de Lint as "The Handsome Traveler" that Mata Hari has a brief encounter with on a train before he is killed "in the act" by a poison-tipped blow dart.

MATA HARI with Sylvia Kristel

USA/ Cannon Group, Inc., Golan-Globus production
Length - 105 minutes long
Director - Curtis Harrington
Writer - Joel Ziskin


Sylvia Kristel - "Mata Hari"
Christopher Cazenove - "Karl von Bayerling"
Oliver Tobias - "Ladoux"
Derek de Lint - "Handsome Traveler"
More extensive film credits can be found at the IMDb

From the back cover of the video box:

"Mata Hari. The name means Eye of the Day in her native Javanese. There has been no name more notorious, no eye more lethal, in the history of international seductresses.

The daughter of a sacred dancer, Mata Hari tours the capitals of Europe with her hypnotically profane version of Java's ritualistic choreography. It is her destiny to beguile men and women alike, in an era when the shadow of World War I endangers every liaison. When she takes as lovers two former friends, a German and a Frenchman, now enemies by the war, she becomes a pawn in their deadly cat-and-mouse intrigues.

From the Folies Bergère in Paris to the sinister Fraulein Doktor's office in Berlin to an orgiastic party in Madrid, Mata Hari weaves her spell between enemy camps and between satin sheets leaving behind her broken hearts.... and lifeless bodies."

From Some Famous Frisians:

"Mata Hari, (Malaysian for 'Eye of the Day', 1876-1917). Born in Leeuwarden as Margaretha G. Zelle, she became famous as a dance-hostess in Paris during World-War I. She had relationships with German high-ranked officers, which caused her to be executed on grounds of espionage."


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