Welcome to the Year 2000 Derek de Lint Calendar! I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to Mary Alice for her past Poltergeist: The Legacy calendars which inspired the first Derek de Lint Calendar in 1999 (still available!) and this second one. Click on the names of the months at the foot of every page to navigate. Months & Days are listed in English/Dutch. To print, make sure you uncheck all the footer/header info under Page Setup. The photos for each month range from 38-45K.

Links to each month in the calendar and their respective credits:

Derek as Bertrand de Roujay in The Free Frenchman. Thanks to Suzy Redfern in the UK for sharing her video captured photos from that British tv mini-series.

Derek as Maestro Rannaldini in The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous. I love the lighting in this shot!

Derek in a brief but memorable appearance (thanks to that tux!) as the "Handsome Traveller" in Mata Hari, starring Sylvia Kristel.

Derek as the charmingly wicked High Centurion Sulat Ray in the Outer Limits episode, Starcrossed.

Derek with his lovely, longish, brown locks as the costumer Chris Brine in the thriller, Mascara, starring Charlotte Rampling and Michael Sarrazin.

Derek in one of his finest roles as Anton Steenwijk in De Aanslag (The Assault.) I figured a beach scene would be good to start the summer off.

Derek in one of my favorite roles as Derek Rayne. This one is from the Poltergeist: The Legacy season four episode "Gaslight." Send your happy birthday vibes to your favourite Dutchman this month. :-)

Derek in one of his finest roles as Anton Steenwijk in De Aanslag (The Assault.) I figured another beach scene in one of the hotter months of the year would be appropriate.

Derek as Philippe in Diary of a Mad Old Man. I'm quite fond of the moody, blue setting of this shot.

Derek as Derek Rayne. This intense photo montage contains elements from the Poltergeist: The Legacy season four final episode "The Beast Within".

Derek as Gustav Morgan in the made-for-tv-movie, Burning Bridges., which you can occasionally catch on Lifetime.

How could I not include a Derek-as-Abelard shot in a DdL Calendar, eh? So here it is! One of many excellent shots from the cult classic, Stealing Heaven.


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Derek de Lint Calendar 1999-2000 Clair aka Clarianna Images not for use on other web sites. All large images are digitally watermarked. ALL video captured photos for this calendar and creative montages done by Clair from her own videotapes, with the exception of January's photo captured by Suzy Redfern. "Poltergeist: The Legacy" trademarked and copyrighted 1996-1999 MGM Worldwide Television. All rights reserved. All rights reserved by the respective owners of all the tv series and movies from which these photos originated.

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