Thanks to Mary Alice for her past Poltergeist: The Legacy calendars which first inspired me to do the 1999 and 2000 Derek de Lint calendars. Click on the names of the months at the foot of every page to navigate the site. Months and days are listed in both English and Dutch. To print, make sure you uncheck all the footer/header info under Page Setup.

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January 2001
Celebrate the new millennium with Derek from The Outer Limits episode BREAKING POINT.
July 2001
Derek as HIMSELF in a collage from a b/w publicity photo.
The 17th of July is Derek's birthday!
February 2001
In honour of St. Valentine's Day this month: Derek as Heloise' lover, Abelard, from the film STEALING HEAVEN.
August 2001
Looking very dark and moody (how Derek Rayne-ish!) here's Derek as himself (from b/w publicity photo.)
March 2001
Derek as the wicked Maestro Rannaldini in THE MAN WHO MADE HUSBANDS JEALOUS.
September 2001
In remembrance of the tragedy on September 11th. (No photo of Derek this month.)
April 2001
Derek as Dr. Derek Rayne in the last episode of POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY - "The Beast Within"
October 2001
Derek as Dr. Derek Rayne in a ghost-busting collage based on an image from POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY
May 2001
Derek as the adult Anton Steenwijk in
November 2001
Derek as Dr. Derek Rayne from POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY
June 2001
Derek as the stage costumer, Chris Brine, in the thriller, MASCARA, starring Charlotte Rampling.
December 2001
Due to a discussion on the mailing list about Derek as Abelard in STEALING HEAVEN, here's a pic from the movie's Xmas scene in front of the fire (Heloise not shown.)

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