Stealing Heaven Heloise and Abelard


English language film made in 1988 in Yugoslavia.
Based on Marion Meade's novel of the same name.
115 Minutes version - Not Rated (Director's Cut)
108 Minutes version - Rated R
German Title: Zeit der Dunkelheit

Cast (all non-DdL links go to

Derek de Lint - Peter (Pierre) Abelard
Kim Thomson - Heloise
Denholm Elliott - Fulbert (Heloise' uncle)
Patsy Byrne - Agnes
Kenneth Cranham - Suger
Mark Jax - Jourdain (student and good friend of both Abelard & Heloise)
Rachel Kempson - Prioress
Angela Pleasence - Sister Cecilia
Cassie Stuart - Petronilla
Timothy "Tim" Watson - François


Directed by Clive Donner
Screenplay by Chris Bryant
Based on the novel by Marion Meade
Music by Nick Bicât (check ebay for the out-of-print soundtrack)
Director of Photography - Mikael Salomon
Executive Producer - Susan George
Produced by Simon MacCorkindale and Andros Epaminondas
Production Design by Voytek Roman
Costume Design by Phyllis Dalton
Film Editing by Michael Ellis

If you have never seen this movie, you are probably dying to get your hands on it by now, right? My very first pre-recorded copy of SH was bought in the early 90s for about $9 through a now-gone catalog that specialized in Beta tapes. Other fans have paid anywhere from $10-$100 for a good VHS copy. Unfortunately, it's STILL not available on DVD but you can VOTE FOR IT TO COME OUT ON DVD at by supplying your email address to request notification when it becomes available. Good places to try now -- especially if you want the Director's Cut which includes more of the storyline (as well as more Derek) -- are and See the DdL videos page for those links and more.

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