Stealing Heaven Heloise and Abelard


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Abelard meets Heloise on the street
outside her Uncle's lodgings:

Derek de Lint as Abelard

Click here for larger image with lyrics"Click on thumbnail to view larger pic of lyrics. The following are MPEG Layer-3 .wav (audio) files of as Abelard (Derek de Lint) singing "Sealed With a Kiss" - click on lyrics to download and listen to the audio version (you may have to crank up your speaker volume way up to hear them.)

"At last releasing from sorrow increasing and
travel unceasing I'll consumate bliss" (29K)

"Sealed with a kiss, Sealed with a kiss. Sealed with a kiss.
Oh, at the end of my dreams could be this." (39K)

Abelard singing:

Abelard sings "Sealed With A Kiss"

Abelard looking lustily down the table at dinnertime:

Derek de Lint as Abelard

Abelard tells Heloise that a kiss at
Christmas is practically the law:

Derek de Lint as Abelard

Right before their first kiss, in front of the fire place:

Derek de Lint as Abelard

Abelard and Heloise' first intimate encounter:
(and no, I am not going to show you the whole pic!)

Derek de Lint as Abelard

MPEG Layer-3 WAV (audio) file:
"You smell like incense, like a church" (14KB)

Derek de Lint as Abelard

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