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The film Stealing Heaven was released in 1988 and directed by Clive Donnor. It tells the true tale of one of the greatest star-crossed lovers stories next to Romeo and Juliet. Abelard (perfectly played by actor Derek de Lint) is the reknowned 12th century scholar/lecturer/poet that falls in love with Heloise (played by Kim Thomson) -- a smart, vivacious, challenging and highly educated (unusual for the time) 16 year old who lives with her Uncle Fulbert in Paris. During the course of their intimate relationship, they have a child out of wedlock which goes completely against his vows of celibacy given to the Church. Abelard is in turmoil with himself for going against God and yet he loves Heloise so much that he cannot stop himself and they secretly marry. Fulbert gets his revenge against Abelard which inevitably changes the course of everyone's lives. See the movie (or the slideshow) to find out more!

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