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charlotte schrempft | @
zagje net op in NCIS!. Je kent nu ook Dunja v/h artiestenburo. Zou geweldig vinden iets van je te horen!
19 September 2014 - Den-Haag/Amsterdam

Julz | @
amazing actor, thank you
17 August 2014 - Australia

peggy hindy | @
love n miss u derek
26 July 2014 - florida

betty jean | @
just like him
4 January 2013 - AZ.

Nadeia | @
Happy birthday !
17 July 2012 - Paris

Julie Milam | @
Our birthdays are very near each other mine is the tenth of June. I loved watching you on Poltergeist the Legacy and also on NCIS too and Deep Impact also. You are very handsome too. I am fixing to take classes through New York Institute of Photography wish me luck.
13 May 2012 - Florida

Kathryn Bleeker | @
I have been trying for 2 years (since 2009) to get the correct address for the Derek de Lint fan mail. I had 3 addresses, but have not received an answer from any of them. What is the correct mailing address. I have also sent birthday cards.
14 September 2011 - Coupland, Texas

Bailey Deziel | @
Your Awesome I love you! Have Hotmail?number1 fan tell you the rest if you get hotmail! remember love you
18 August 2011 - Kingsville ON

Gina Norton | @
A re-run of NCIS with Mr. de Lint was on Saturday here in Los Angeles. I was listening not watching, but knew the voice instantly! I truly could listen to him read a phone book; he has a fantastic voice. It helps that he's pleasant to look at as well. Please forward my best regards to Mr. de Lint.
8 August 2011 - Pasadena, CA

Gina Norton | @
I nearly forgot. I wish Mr. de Lint a very belated Happy Birthday. I don't keep up with anyone's birthdays very well, so I'm not surprised that I missed it. I hope you had a wonderful day and got ALMOST everything you wanted (if you got everything then there'd be nothing to look forward to!). Best regards, sir!
8 August 2011 - Pasadena, CA

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