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Comments and Translations of the Derek de Lint
RealHollywood chat from October 15th, 1998

by Richard van Bilsen

From the part of the chat where it just says:
"DerekDeLint {action} speaks in Dutch ...."
(the typist didn't know Dutch, which is no surprise, eh? <G>)

"Nou goed. Ik hoop voor alle mensen die Nederlands spreken op dit moment en die luisteren, hoop ik dat ik niet een soort Ronnie Tober-accent heb gekregen. En dat ik nog gewoon normaal Nederlands spreek."

"Well okay. I hope for all people who speak Dutch at this moment and that are listening, I hope I didn't get a sort of Ronnie Tober-accent. And that I still just speak normal Dutch."

Richard's comments: "On two occasions I can hear him saying 'Hoe zeg ik dat?'(How do I say that?)" and "after that long answer mentioning Crystal Chappell or something like that, he says softly: 'hehe, wat een vragen zeg' (boy, what a question.)"


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