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Translated from Dutch by Richard van Bilsen from a Dutch tv guide article
advertising the airing of "Burning Bridges"

Much offers from abroad - The work of Derek
Derek de Lint has succes in foreign movies.

It's not easy for an actor to have a full agenda in the Netherlands, so it's tempting to work in other countries. And so did Derek. He did both movies and television. He gets a lot of roles with remarkably Dutch sounding names: Theo van Sertema, Dirk Petersen, Bertus. Derek once did an episode of 'NYPD Blue'. And this year he's gonna do a movie called 'Deep Impact'.

The movie Burning Bridges (made for television) is American. He plays with well known actors Meredith Baxter and Nick Mancuso. When he gets the chance, Derek enjoys acting in a Dutch movie, like he did in 'Lang leve de koningin', with Monique van de Ven. "I am an actor and I love acting, but most offers come from abroad."


This was translated and given to me to post on this website, PLEASE do not copy this and post it on any other web page. Thanks to Derek's fellow Dutchman, Richard van Bilsen, again for doing the translations and scanning the article with the lovely pic of Derek sporting a beard.


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