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In some of the Poltergeist: The Legacy™ articles, references to and comments by Derek will be in highlighted with bold coloured text in the article. All magazine articles provided here (so far) are from the magazines I have purchased. Copyright and ordering information for each is also provided, in case you would like to buy your own hard copy. If you have a Derek de Lint article you would like to share, contact the webmistress.

Magazine Articles
2000 TV Highlights Short article about Derek in a German tv magazine.
1999 April Sci Fi Entertainment The Poltergeist Files (added 02/13/99)
"De Lint is also thrilled that this season marks his directorial debut."
1998 Starburst Special #37 RAYNEMAN (added 11/02/99)
"Actor Derek de Lint approaches his fourth season as Derek Rayne, the enemy of all things evil, in Poltergeist: The Legacy."
1998 a Dutch tv guide Small article about Derek in Burning Bridges
"I am an actor and I love acting, but most offers come from abroad."
1997 Sep TV Zone #94 Derek de Lint: A Man With A Legacy
"..overwhelmed by what some fans have done. I felt like I had opened a room and there were a thousand people waiting for me."
1997 May Xpose #10 The Exorcist
"DUTCH actor Derek de Lint snapped up the opportunity to play Derek Rayne, the head of a group of ghost-busters."
1996 April Fangoria #151 POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY Haunts the Tube
"First of all. I'd never done anything like this in 20 years of acting," he says, "so I was very curious about doing a show of this genre."
1996 Dec Sci Fi Entertainment Excerpt from They're Heeere!
"'He's a mysterious man. You don't know much about him,' says de Lint of the character he is creating."
1999 Oct 3 Diamond Beauty
Added 10/3/99
Read the UNMODERATED chat transcript from my own self-made log (highlight-copy-paste!) from the chat which took place on 10/3/99 in the chat room at at 6:00 PM CST (4:00 PST). The owner of Diamond Beauty is an old friend of Derek's which is why he agreed to do a chat there. Unedited text file log of chat
1998 Oct 31 SCIFICON 3.0

Read the transcript from a log file from the SCIFI.CON 3.0 chat with Robbi Chong and Derek de Lint that took place 10/31/98 at 5 PM.
"Yes I am going to do my first direction this season. The episode is called Kristin Returns."

1998 Oct 15 RealHollywood
Updated (new links) Sep 2001

Derek de Lint RealHollywood Spotlight Chat
Took place on October 15, 1998 at 9 pm Central (US).
Also available is a Real Audio file of the chat which I would highly recommend since you get to hear more than is written in the transcript. Comments & translations of this chat, by Richard.

The chat transcripts and Real Audio files from the "Real Hollywood Spotlight" chats are copyrighted to Universal Studios. © 1998 - In 2001, removed the archive of transcripts which everyone linked to. Only then, did I provide on my web sites the copies I've saved since 1998 and I promise to keep them up forever. Please don't copy/download and use the files anywhere else, okay?

1997 TVGen

TVGuide Community Celebrity BB for Derek de Lint
The first place online where Derek de Lint answered some of the fans' questions...including my own! :-)

Other Interviews & Miscellaneous Articles

Article (in English and link to the original in Dutch):

"Derek de Lint Home Again in Roeland Kerbosch 's Affair Play"

The "Unofficial Derek de Lint Website" mention and link posted in the 6 Jan 2000 edition of Planet Weekly (Dutch.)


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